Caregiver: Advocate, researcher, cheerleader, counselor and more

Welcome fellow Caregivers,

When I heard the following words, my heart sank and life stood still…….”Mr. Martel, you have been dealt an unlucky hand, you have Mantle Cell Lymphoma, a cancer with no effective treatment, no cure and the life expectancy at your stage IV is a maximum of 4 years”.

From the moment you hear the words that your loved one, friend, parent, or sibling has cancer, your life will never be the same. If you are like me, your  emotions became a whirlpool spinning out of control beginning with  horrible fear, deep sadness, terrible anger and eventually acceptance followed by the strength for advocacy. In the days and months following my husband’s diagnosis with Mantle Cell Lymphoma, I became obsessed with seeking web-sites that provided the latest research related to treatments for a disease that we were told had none. I sought out web-sites and blogs specifically for Mantle Cell Lymphoma where I could read comments and stories from cancer patients and their loved ones, hoping to gain a glimpse of what to expect as the disease progressed, always with a positive outlook that I would find some words of hope.  As a researcher and advocate, I took on this role alone. I wanted my husband  to remain as positive and focused on healing as possible.

Once you get to know me, you become aware that my favorite saying is, “The good news is” , which has been a strategy that has helped me through the most difficult situations….this statement would take on a more powerful meaning as the days and months proceeded.

I invite you to join me as we become a community of supporters (caregivers) for those people that we care about.

My mission for this blog site is to provide an online forum for discussion, questions, sharing of stories, and resources.  I want you to know that you are not alone, together we can become a support system for those who are diagnosed with cancer or any potentially life threatening illness and one another.

Together, we are better!!



3 thoughts on “Caregiver: Advocate, researcher, cheerleader, counselor and more

  1. Kathleen

    When I read the words Larry wrote in this site’s introduction, “I had been given an expiration date,” is when I started to sob. This time, tears of joy. I am so honored that you have shared this site with me. I look forward to reading more entries and sharing with others. I am so lucky to have the two of you in my life… and now I get to see you share your journey with the world. How lucky they all are.


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