Coping with Fear…Caregivers as Cheerleaders

Aloha friends,

Larry’s recent post shares his experience with his first round of chemotherapy in a very creative way.  Through an email to our family and friends, written as the “event” of receiving the drugs was going on, he creatively and I might say, lightheartedly told his story.  He was ready to begin the chemo treatments, however,  I was terrified!!

For those of you who know me and those who I hope to know through this blog, I have always approached difficult situations by facing the challenge and finding a positive solution as quickly as I can. In this way I feel in control and can move forward pro-actively to turn a negative situation to a positive.  My favorite saying is, “The good news is”, which helps me to cope with even the most dark moments.

I must admit that I was having difficulty finding the good news, I wanted to protect him from the trauma of chemo. My negative mindset was based on testimonials from acquaintances and friends who had experienced treatments, as well as, many articles that I had read.  The reality of great nausea, listlessness, good cells being killed off, a weakened immune system, loss of hair…all of that was palpable, but the reality that the drugs he would be given could kill him caused me to dread the onset of treatments. I knew that our decision to use Chinese Medicine and acupuncture as effective alternative methods of treatment was a great one, but with the cancer becoming more aggressive after 4 years, chemotherapy was the only alternative.

A great challenge for me as a Caregiver, I could not let him know of my intense fear, my next step was to don the hat of cheerleader. As he entered the hospital for his first round of treatment, I was at his side to provide support and confidence that all would be fine.  Together we visualized the tumors disappearing as the drugs did their work.  I was able to listen to his concerns and respond with statements that provided him comfort and “good news” so that we both looked forward very positively. As the days passed, it became clear that chemotherapy was not the dreaded poison that I feared, rather, we could visibly see the positive effects right away.

As I continued to research, I learned the importance of an organic diet and consistent exercise to assist in the healing of his body.  We will talk about what I did and what worked best for Larry in my next post.

Please take care of each other,




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