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Do you have cancer or perhaps have a friend or family member who currently battles that terrifying illness? A cancer diagnosis turns your world upside down regardless of whether it’s you, a family member or a friend that receives that blood chilling diagnosis. So many fears with little comfort, so many questions with few answers, what do you do, which way do you turn? Until now there has been little written to offer you comfort, to provide you with answers to those questions, to guide you towards the joyful path that awaits you beyond that wall of fear and uncertainty. Embracing Cancer – Embracing Life: The Guide For The Journey Beyond Diagnosis, leads you through that confusing and frightening maze, taking you from Dread to Joy.

As you read, you’ll discover many things, including: why it’s so important that you embrace your cancer, how to transition from fear of death to the joy of life and how to sustain that joy once you’ve found it; the importance of inviting your family and friends to join you on the journey, creating a game plan for life and why making the right choices can impact your life and your longevity.

A cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean your life is over, it fact, it may just be the beginning of a life well-lived. Although most of us would like to live forever, none of us will, and while the length of our life is beyond our control, each of us is in total control of the way in which we live our life. Choosing how you want to live your days, in a state of fear and anxiety or in one of gratitude and joy is up to you. Embracing Cancer – Embracing Life helps you find the Reservoir of Gratitude that each of us possesses and how to fill it with love and joy.

Diagnosed with an incurable lymphoma, in 2009, a frightening and terrible event to be sure, the author chooses a path that leads him to embrace his cancer and his new life rather than one littered with bitterness, anger and resentment. What he discovers about himself and the world is magical in its scope and breathtaking in its beauty. Although, first and foremost, written for those stricken with cancer, along with their family and friends, Embracing Cancer – Embracing Life can enrich the life of anyone regardless of the state of their health.

Here is what readers have to say:

“Comfort, support and inspiration can all be found within the pages of this life-affirming book. Written by someone who’s been there and back, Larry’s insights into cancer are revealed with humor, grace and love. is book is a wise choice for anyone on a life journey who seeks a guide committed to a transformational experience for the reader”—M. Derseweh, Executive

“Embracing cancer–Embracing life is a unique book, written honestly and generously by Larry Martel. His ability to look into all the aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of his Mantle Cell Lymphoma is subjective and comprehensive. is work leaves nothing unsaid, from beginning to end. e process of sharing his thoughts during the early days until the last treatment and finally the announcement of being cancer free is a gripping story”- –L. Staton, M.L.S.

A love letter to cancer patients and to cancer itself. Larry Martel provides a practical, unflinchingly honest, and often amusing account of his journey. In coming to terms with his own death, he falls deeper in love with life. It’s a lesson for us all. – Ellen Moore – Playwright and author, “Gateway to the West”

Emails written to his family and friends, beginning just days after his diagnosis, are weaved into and through the vital lessons he learns on his journey with cancer, the result is a marvelous tapestry of that wonderful world and exactly how one gets there. Within the pages of Embracing Cancer – Embracing Life, you’ll find the story of a life filled with joy and gratitude. The author gives us a glimpse of what that world of joy and happiness looks like and feels like as well, creating within us an insatiable desire to go there now. To be there now.





4 thoughts on “The Book

  1. Larry Post author

    Aloha Tracy,

    Today I’m beginning my weekly posts and excerpts from my book. I hope you find portions to be of value to you as your journey continues. I’m thinking about you. Larry

  2. Lori Pohlman

    I will follow your journey, Larry, both on your blog and through your book when it is published. It is so important that all of us know we aren’t the only ones with these challenges. I’m 4 years in and found myself, just yesterday, researching online and worrying about recurrance. I look forward to staying in touch. My blog is devoted to writing, but, as I am also a retired teacher, a nature lover, a traveler, a parent, a grandparent, and a wife, all those topics enter as well. My diagnosis is Goblet Cell Adenocarcinoma of the Appendix, and that topis finds its way into my writing also. I, too, am happy for the growth cancer has brought me, and for years ended my health blog with Mahalo. So glad you are sharing. Lori

    1. Larry Post author

      Thank you Lori for sharing your story, one of courage and acceptance. I’m proud to have you as a friend. Larry

  3. Tracy Henry

    I am here to say thank you for this book. I am looking forward to reading it when it comes out. I had cancer and many illnesses quite awhile age . Then one day two weeks ago found out it is back. The fight begins again. I am older and a lot more tired this time around and alone here in my life. No friends or family around to lean on or just get that hug you sometimes need. I will continue to follow you and keep my thoughts and prayers in the forefront of my mind and life. Your son Rob was a great friend in Lake Arrowhead and now reconnecting on Facebook has been nice, it has brought me to know of you. Again Thank You


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